Guidelines for Pre-Formed Panel Submissions

A panel discussion will include a moderator, discussant and panelists/presentations. 

Minimum and maximum number of panelists/presenters should be three and five, respectively. 

The duration of each program session will be 120 minutes. Due to time constraints, only a limited number of panel discussions will be accepted. 

Submit an overview abstract describing the overall purpose/theme of the panel and a minimum of three/maximum of five separate abstracts, one for each panelist. 

The length of each abstract must be 350 words or less, whereas the overview abstract of no more than 150 words. Abstracts will not be accepted if the word limit exceeds. 

NOTE: Panel submissions will only be considered if an overview abstract AND separate abstracts for each presentation are submitted.

Your panel information will be submitted via a web form. The detailed description Microsoft Word file upload should be one to two pages and include the following:

·        Panel title, 

·        Detailed description of the panel topic or position statements by the panelists, 

·        Explanation of why the panel will attract a good audience, 

·        Explanation of why the audience will find the panel beneficial. 

All abstracts will be reviewed by the Technical Committee. 

Information concerning the acceptance of pre-formed panel will be communicated to the Principal Authors by 3rd October, 2022. All accepted abstracts will be compiled and published in the conference program as an abstract book. 

Template of abstract for the pre-formed panel is hereunder: 

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