Examination Department


The department is headed by the Controller of Examination and assisted by the Assistant Controller Examination. This department is responsible for all matters related to examinations, issuance of transcripts, degrees, conducting defense etc

Controller Examination

Dr. Mubashir Hanif  
( Professor / Director ORIC )    

Phone: +92-51-9522292
Office Location   : First Floor B-Block Room # 
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Assistant Controller Examination

Waseem Abbas

Phone: +92-51-9522292
Office Location  :  Insectary block (Ground Floor)

Assistant Private  Secretary

Mr. Ali Haider   

Phone: +92-51-9522292
Office Location    Insectary  block (Ground Floor)

HSA Examination Policy 2020

HSA Examination Policy 2020

(Applicable from Spring 2021 intake)

Examination and Grading System
Structure of Master of Science in Public Health


Total No. of Credit Hours 42 (including of 36 Credit Hours of Course Work + 06 Credit Hours for Thesis
Semester Duration Minimum of 16 weeks of teaching excluding examinations
Course Duration Minimum of 4 semesters, (02 years), further extendable for one year with the approval of Competent Authorities.
Number of Regular Semesters 04
Course Load per Semester 12 Credit Hours (Except 4th Semester with 06 Credit Hours Thesis)
Minimum CGPA for Award of Degree 2.5


Weightage of Evaluations / Examinations

Following weightage shall be assigned to each of the evaluation / examination to determine the student’s marks (out of 100) in the subjects studied in a semester. Absolute grading system will be used by the subject instructor to convert student’s score into letter grade.


Weightages for MSPH Programs
Examination Weightage %
(a) Final 50
(b) Mid Term Test 30
(c) Quizzes/Presentations 10
(d) Assignments 10
Total 100











During each semester all students will be assessed in the subjects in which they have registered, as per following evaluation/examination methods.

Quizzes. A minimum of 2 quizzes/Cr Hrs will be conducted in each course unannounced throughout the semester.

Home Assignments. The instructors will design and assign homework, individual/group assignments and projects. Presentation and discussion in the classroom may be held if required. Checked assignments are to be returned regularly.

Mid-Term Examination. There will be one such examination in each semester with the duration of 02 hours. The procedure for conducting the Mid Term examination will be as per the specific instructions issued from the Office of the Controller Examination in each semester.

Final Examination. There will be a final examination at the end of each semester. The last comprehensive examination will be held for each course at the end of the semester. The procedure of conducting the final examination will be as per the specific instructions issued from the Office of the Controller Examination in each semester. To pass the subject, students have to secure minimum of 50% marks in each subject. Duration of Final Exam of 03 Credit Hours will be 03 hours. Examinees are not allowed to join the examination 30 minutes after commencement or leave the examination hall before half time has elapsed. Short Attendance and Fee defaulters will not be allowed to sit in final Examination until clearance of dues.

Defense of Research Proposal. Each Master’s student has to prepare, submit, and defend a thesis proposal, after carrying out a comprehensive literature review and taking guidance from his/her supervisor and IRB, and defend it successfully in not more than two attempts. Department of Student’s affairs will issue guidelines and requirements for the submission of dissertation

Thesis. In addition to the class coursework, all Master’s students must register for 06 Cr Hr of Thesis in 4th Semester and get satisfactory grades for these credit hours.

Plagiarism check. The thesis should pass a plagiarism test before sending it to external examiner, for evaluation, using specialist software. HEC guidelines applies.

Final Défense. It is essential to successfully defend one’s thesis in an open defence (in the form of a presentation) and earn its approval by a majority vote of IRB


Submission of Master’s Thesis. Three copies of Master’s thesis (in hard bound copies of approved colour) duly signed by IRB members along with its soft copy on CD/DVD shall be submitted within 30 calendar days from the date of final defence. Controller Examination (with consultation of the concerned Department) may relax this period (maximum for another one month) if IRB asked student to incorporate significant changes/additions in the thesis.

Missed Quizzes, Assignments Mid-Term and Final Examinations

There shall be no make-up for missed quizzes, assignments or a Mid-Term Examination. However, in extreme cases a make-up for Mid-Term Exam may be allowed. A student missing a Mid-Term Examination for unavoidable reasons may file a request for make-up to the Office of the Controller Examination.

When a student misses the final examination due to an unavoidable reason (as judged by the Head of Department and approved by the VC), the internal grades will stand intact and the final examination will have to be re-taken whenever the same subject/s are offered.

To avail this facility the student must apply within one week of missing the final examination; otherwise “F‟ grade/s shall be awarded to the student.

Letter Grade and Grade Points

The award to the student based on academic performance is called a Grade or

Letter Grade. With each letter grade a Grade Point is associated. A student may be awarded one of the following letter grades as shown in the table below.


S No Marks in %age Grades GPA
1. 80 – 100 A 4.00
2. 75 – 79.99 A- 3.67
3. 70 – 74.99 B+ 3.33
4. 65 – 69.99 B 3.00
5. 60 – 64.99 B- 2.67
6. 55 – 59.99 C+ 2.33
7. 50 – 54.99 C 2.00
8. Below 50 F 0.00
9 W Withdrawal
10 I Incomplete

Utilizing the information from the table above, student’s total grade points earned in a semester can be calculated by multiplying grade point associated with the letter grade earned with Cr Hrs of each subject, and then totaling all the grade points of the subject studied in the semester. For example, a student studies three subjects in a semester of 4, 2, and 3 Cr Hrs, and earned A-, B+, and C grades respectively. His/her Grade Points for the semester are: – 4×3.67 + 2×3.33 + 3×2.00 = 27.34.


In addition to the above letter grades following letter grades can also be awarded to the students:-

“F‟ (Fail Grade), “F‟ grade implies that the student has not been able to secure

passing marks. Such a student is given zero grade points in the course and is required to repeat the whole course whenever offered.

“I‟ (Incomplete Grade), “I‟ grade is awarded in one of the following cases:

(a)        When a student misses’ final examination due to an unavoidable reason, as judged by the Chair Department and approved by the VC. In such cases, the internal grades will stand intact and the final examination will have to be re-taken by the student when offered. To avail this concession the student must apply within one week of missing the exam; otherwise an “F‟ grade shall be awarded.

(b)       For any lapse on the part of the University/Faculty due to which the student’s complete results could not be entered in time, the student may be awarded an “I‟ grade for the purpose of announcing the results at later time. In such cases the “I‟ grade will be immediately replaced with the earned grade on removal of the anomaly.

Note: Students getting “F‟ grade due to short attendance will have to repeat the course. However, this provision (flexibility) will not be applicable to dismissal cases.

“W‟ (Withdrawn), “W‟ grade is awarded as an academic penalty to students for

dropping a course between the 3rd and 5th week of classes. Dropping after the 5th week will result in “F‟ grade. 

Computation of Semester and Cumulative Grade Point Average (SGPA and CGPA)

The formula used for calculation of SGPA and CGPA is as follows:-

SGPA =           Grade Point earned in the Semester

Credit Hours of Semester

CGPA =          Total Grade Point Earned in all the Semesters

Total Credit Hours Studied

Rechecking of Examination Script

The answer book of a candidate shall not be re-assessed under any circumstances.

  • Whereas the re-checking does not mean re-assessment/re-evaluation/re-marking of the answer book. The Controller of Examination can arrange for re-checking of examination script by any faculty member from the relevant discipline on the complaint/request of students. The Controller of Examination or any officer or re- checking committee appointed shall see that:
  • There is no computational mistake in the grand total on the title page of the answer book.

(ii)             The total of various parts of a question has been correctly made at the end of each question.

(iii)            All totals have been correctly brought forward on the title page of the answer book.

(iv)            No portion of any answer has been left un-marked.

(v)             Total marks in the answer book tally with the marks sheet.

(vi)            The hand-writing of the candidate tally in the questions/answer book.


(b)       The candidate or anybody on his behalf has no right to see or examine the answer books for any purpose.

(c)        The marks of a candidate could even decrease in light of (a) (iii) above. In the event of reduction of marks the record shall be corrected accordingly and revised transcript will be issued

Attendance in Classes.

A minimum of 80% class in each subject is mandatory to sit in the final examination of every semester.

Passing the Subject:

To pass the Subject, a minimum of 50% aggregated marks are required in each subject (Including Dissertation and Practicum Report)

Minimum CGPA for the Award of Degree

2.50 CGPA for the Master’s Degree programme

Percentile Grading System.

Health Services Academy applies the “Percentile grading system” for assessment of student’s performance in courses and award of grades. This allows for screening students according to their performance relative to their peers. In Percentile grading, a histogram of total marks obtained by the students is taken and ranges for assigning various grades are decided for awarding the grades. These “ranges” for assigning grades are based on upper and lower limits of percentage of students in a course that can have a particular grade

Academic Standings

Based on the CGPA earned by a student his/her academic standing will be determined at the end of each semester as per the following tables.


Academic Standing of MSPH Student (Applicable from Spring 2021 intake)

S No CGPA Academic Standing
1 3.75 ≤ CGPA ≤ 4.00 Honor
2 3.50 ≤ CGPA < 3.75 Very Good
3 3.0 ≤ CGPA < 3.50 Good
4 2.5 ≤ CGPA < 3.00 Satisfactory
5 <2.50 In one semester Probation (Repeat Course (s) to improve GPA)
6 <2.50 In 2nd consecutive semester Dismissed


Verification of Degree and Transcripts     

In case any organization/student desires to get verification of degree/ certificate /transcript/ dmc, issued by the Health Services Academy, an amount of rs. 1000/- per copy will be charged as verification fee.

  • Cross check/ Pay order may draw in favor of “Health Services Academy”.
  • Cross cheque / Pay Order must be of current date.
  • Cash amount may be deposited in Account office and submit payment receipt in Exam office.
  • Verification of Degree and Transcripts may take up to 03 working day

HSA observe zero tolerance for Use of Unfair Means during exam. Click the link for detail policy

(Grading Policy Applicable to MSPH Fall 2020 intake Only)

To Abbas each paper individual student have to secure minimum 50% marked in each subject. However the overall community of minimum marks required for passing the MSPH program will be 60% Following are the grading criteria for MSPH fall 2020 intake.

  • Grade ‘A’ 80% or higher
  • Grade ‘B’ 60% TO 79%
  • Grade ‘C’ 50% to 59%
  • Fail Less then 50%