Guidelines for Poster Presentation

·       Posters must be prepared on one sheet.

·     The poster MUST be 90 cm wide x 120 cm high.

·     Allocate the top of your poster for title and authors’ names as stated on the submitted abstract.

·     The text, illustrations etc., should be large enough to be read from a distance of at least two meters.

·     Double-sided tape and other required materials will be available for the mounting of posters. Staff will also be in the poster area to assist you, if required.

·       Please use the board with the same number as of your abstract. 

·       Poster presenters should stand next to their poster during coffee breaks and lunch breaks for informal discussions/questions regarding their work.

·       Posters should be set up from 9:00 AM November 1st and removed at the end of the sessions on November 2nd, 2022.

·       The Organizing Committee will not be responsible for posters which were not removed by the end of the sessions on respective presentation days. 

Poster template is available below: 

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