IT Department

  • Well functioning information technology unit providing the latest technology. 

  • Audio-visual facilities including multimedia projectors for highly interactive and appealing presentations. 

  • Video conference (VC) system for live conference with one or multiple ends. 

  • Facility of live streaming of events through Higher Education Commission (HEC). 

  • Wireless internet facility all across the academy. 

  • Number of wireless access points all across the campus and hostel. 

  • Common server for sharing resources and software. 

  • Computer lab equipped with the latest technology hardware and software which keep on updating according to the requirement and latest technology. 

  • A software repository for all. 

  • Laptops with latest technology for students.

Manager IT

Manager  IT  is responsible for coordinating, planning, and leading computer-related activities in HSA. He helps determine the IT needs of HSA. He is also responsible for implementing Advance Computerized systems along with facilitation of HSA staff & students for IT services.

Network / System Administrator

Responsible for maintaining computer  networks  and system Administration. Developing & managing network Infrastructure is a major responsibility.

Web Master / Data Specialist

Updating  data  in HSA's Online System . He is also required to provide quality control over the elements, and to provide guidance to the students and colleagues.

  • Upon Request

- Successful launching of newly developed ELMS.

- Successful Revamping and launching of new HSA Website.

- Successful revamping of LAN and WiFi network with deploying State-of-The-Art Access Points (Controller Based).

Ongoing Projects
  • LMS

  • Firewall

  • Data Security

  • Analytics

  • Tech Support

  • Online Servers

IT Members