Public Health Law Department `


The Department of Public Health Law (DPHL) has been inaugurated on 2nd November 2022 in Health Services Academy (HSA), Islamabad. HSA became the first institution in Pakistan to introduce academic department of public health law at any degree awarding institute. DPHL is mindful of the existing gaps in the health systems and is continuously striving along with partners to enable betterment in different domains of public health. DPHL has built strong relationships with national and international organizations, jurists, law-enforcement agencies, and multiple forensic experts across Pakistan, including our partner: Eastern Law Firm. 

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Dr. Shoaib Shah
Afzaal Hussain Shah
Dr. Zeeshan Moazzam
Dr. Ayesha Khan
Sajjad Malik
 Junaid zaffar /Haris pal
Course Lead
CSI Trainer 
Forensic Photographer
Course Coordinator
Graphic Designer
IT Support 

 Use law as a tool to provide equitable rights to every human for a just and healthy society.

To enact reasonable limits that the government may place on personal freedom to promote the health of the population.

Healthy people in healthy communities!


·       Medical Jurisprudence

·       Occupational Health and Safety

·       Law and Medical Ethics

·       Legal Mapping

·       Legal Epidemiology

·       Disaster, Crisis and Emergency Management

·       International Humanitarian Law

·       International Human Rights Law

·       Policy and Governance

·       Environmental Law


·       Certificate in Jurisprudence (CMJ)

·       Certificate in Occupational health and Safety (COHS)

·       Certificate in Law and Medical Ethics (CLME)

·       Certificate in Forensic Toxicology (CFT)

·       Certificate in Disaster, Crisis, and Emergency Management (DCEM)

·       Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

·       Certificate in Forensic Genetics (CFG)

·       Certificate in International Human Rights Law (IHRL)

·       Certificate in International Humanitarian Law (IHL)

Head Of Law Department
  Prof. Dr. Shoaib Shah
 Vice Chancellor
Prof. Dr. Shahzad Ali Khan