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Admission Form
MSPH Program Academic
Health Services Academy Degree Awarding Institute
PM Health Complex, Park Road, Chak Shahzad, Islamabad

Personal Information

Additional Skills

Please note that the following questions are NOT part of our selection criteria for the first phase of short-listing; however please note that HSA will be testing these skills in its own screening exam and interviews after the initial shortlisting is complete.

English Language Skills

How do you rate your English language skills?

Qualification and Experience

Academic Qualification

List all the colleges and universities attended in reverse chronological order. Begin with the most recent university.

S No. Name Institute Place Country Date Attended Degree Name Passing Year Marks Obtained Total Marks

Professional Experience

Please describe briefly the nature of your work and responsibilities. List most recent employment first.

S No. Name Institute Major Responsibilities and Active Position Date of Employment
Total Experience in Public Health
Statement of Purpose

Outline your reasons for your interest in the course, and your plans for the future. Describe the kind of training you expect to undertake and explain how your study plan fits in with your previous training and your future goals. Mention how relevant experiences, such as research in the field of public health, will aid you in achieving your study objectives. Please do not exceed the space provided below.