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Dr. Shahzad Ali Khan 

Title: Head of Department of Public Health mail A120 (First Floor)
Disciplines: Health Systems, Health Policy, Health Planning, Health Care Financing, Health Promotion, Non-communicable Disease Prevention & Control, Hospital Management, Quality Management in Health +92-51-9522290-4 ext.132
Research Areas: Health Systems, Health Policy, Health Planning, Health Care Financing, Health Promotion, Non-communicable Disease Prevention & Control, Hospital Management, Quality Management in Health +92-51-9255591


  • Dr Shahzad Ali Khan is medical graduate of King Edward Medical College Lahore of 1991.
  • After MBBS he did MBA with Majors in Finance and MS in Public Health from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad. He is one of the few medical doctors with a PhD in Management Sciences in Pakistan.
  • In 2020 he got Fellowship Through Distinction by Faculty of Public Health of the Royal College of Physicians London, and also holds Fellowship of The Royal Society for Public Health, London, UK.
  • He has 28 years of Public Health related work experience ranging from peripheral level administration to management of tertiary care health facilities. His professional expertise varies from health systems analysis, health management, policy planning, strategic planning, governance, health economics and health financing, health reforms, civil society organizations, project management, human resource development of both the public and private sector workforce.
  • He carries a vast teaching and research experience both at undergraduate and postgraduate level; in the field of Health Financing, Project management, Systems and policy development, corporate governance, Health Economics and quality management at national and international level.
  • He has been involved and has contributed in development of several national, international strategies, polices, working papers, training manuals and policy paper. His research work is extensively disseminated through more than 50 peer reviewed publications in national and international journals.
  • He has worked for several international & national organizations, and secured grants from World Bank, WHO, USAID, UNICEF, UNFPA, GiZ, UNAIDS, IOM, RAF, TRF, and GFATM etc.
  • He is Head of Department of Public Health at Health Services Academy, Islamabad, Pakistan. He is also
    • Member, Board of Studies at Pakistan Institute of Development Economics (PIDE) Islamabad.
    • Faculty of Health Financing at Armed Forces Postgraduate Institute (AFPGMI) Rawalpindi.
    • Member of Board of Studies COMSATS University Islamabad.
    • Adjunct Faculty of Aga Khan University Karachi for Health Financing.
    • Member of Board of Studies; Khyber Medical University Peshawar.
    • Faculty of Project Management at Bahria University Islamabad.
    • Faculty of Senior Management Course (SMC) and Midcareer Management Courses (MCMC) at National Institute of Management (NIM) Govt of Pakistan, Islamabad.
    • Master Trainer at the Management Services Wing, Establishment Division, Govt of Pakistan.
    • Visiting faculty of Pakistan Manpower Institute; Govt of Pakistan, Islamabad
    • Visiting faculty at Secretarial Training Institute (STI); Govt of Pakistan, Islamabad
    • Visiting faculty of Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM), Govt of Pakistan, Islamabad.

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  • PhD
  • MPH
  • MBA-Finance
  • MBBS

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  • Health Systems Management
  • Health Policy
  • District Health Planning
  • Health Care Financing
  • Health Promotion
  • Hospital Management
  • Quality -Management in Health
  • Non-communicable Disease Prevention & Control

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After my MPH studies I joined Heartfile which is a leading research based NGO in Pakistan , where I worked under supervision of Dr. Sania Nishtar S.I, FRCP, PhD. During the period 2003 to 2008, I had an opportunity of working on various research projects of Public health research at Heartfile Islamabad. I worked on the National Action Plan for NCD in Pakistan , the Gateway Paper on Health Systems in Pakistan , the Health Indicators of Pakistan, and various WHO research activities like PreMISE study, the Road Safety PC-1, National Health Policy draft, and many other research assignments.


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