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HSA Faculty 

Health Services Academy Core Faculty

Our faculty is dedicated to providing the best possible academic environment and to support students when they need it, fostering learning, cooperation, and above all, academic integrity. Here, you can view profiles for our core faculty, as well as our adjunct faculty members. Click the name of a faculty member to go directly to their faculty profile page.

PhD or Equivalent

M.Phil or Equivalent

PhD Fellows

PhD 2016

  • Dr. Shamaila Mohsin
  • Dr. Saman Waqar
  • Dr. Shahid Rasheed

PhD 2015

  • Dr. Abrar Umar
  • Dr. Ashfaq Ahmed
  • Mr. Akhlaq Ahmad
  • Dr. Rukhsana Roshan
  • Dr. Fawad Mashhadi
  • Dr. Sarah Basharat

PhD 2014

  • Dr. Ayesha Isani, MPH, FRCR
  • Ms. Ayesha Khan, MS Bio-Economic
  • Mr. M. Akhtar Abbas Khan, MPhil
  • Dr. Noreen Rahat, MBBS, M.Phil
  • Dr. Rab Nawaz, MSc. Epi, MPH
  • Dr. Said Ul Abrar, MPH

PhD 2013

  • Dr. Masood Ahmed, MPH
  • Dr. Mazhar Nisar, MPH
  • Dr. Muhammad Imran Marwat, MPH
  • Dr. Muhammad Zeeshan Haroon, MPH
  • Dr. Syed Zakir Hussain Shah, MPH

PhD 2012

  • Dr. Fatima Nisar Ahmed, MPhil
  • Dr. Irum Gilani, MSPH
  • Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Abdulah, MPH
  • Dr. Mohammad Salim Wazir, MBBS, MPhil
  • Dr. Zulfikar Ali Gorar, MPH