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First National Course on Health Insurance Management

Health Services Academy (HSA) started a course in collaboration with PMNHP and GIZ Pakistan from 12th to 16th November, 2018


Countries around the globe have taken measures in tackling issues of inequalities in access to healthcare services. Government of Pakistan has also acknowledged the necessity of such measures and initiated social health protection (SHP) programme as a vital healthcare reform step. In accordance with its commitment towards Universal Health Coverage, the Prime Minister National Health Program (PMNHP) facilitates the idea of ensuring universality of health coverage within the country.


Keeping in view of capacity building and knowledge enhancement, HSA in consultation with Prime Minister National Health Program (PMNHP) and GIZ has developed a course on Health Insurance Management. It will be a technical and professional qualification for all the relevant technical and administrative staff related to health insurance, working across different institutions of the health and insurance industry. Its purpose is to enable participants from various backgrounds to advance their knowledge on SHP and develop core competencies of the health insurance in the current settings. It would also provide firm grounding to enhance participants’ practical knowledge and skills to function effectively in a challenging environment.


The objectives of the training course are included following but are not limited to:

  • improve participants’ current knowledge on health financing and social health protection programme in Pakistan
  • gain customized knowledge required for professionals from healthcare service providers, purchasers in the field of health insurance and health insurance companies in context of Pakistan meeting international standards.

The course is comprised of one online module and following five face-to-face module. Each module will provide participants the basic knowledge and its implication at the programme level:

  1. Social health protection, health financing and health insurance
  2. Benefit package design and management
  3. Purchasing and provider payment
  4. Monitoring & evaluation
  5. Health communication and community mobilization