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Introductory meeting of Health & Population Think Tank

Introductory meeting of Health & Population Think Tank (15th May 2017 at Serena-Islamabad)

First meeting of the Health & Population Think Tank held in Islamabad, was chaired by the worthy Federal Secretary Ministry of National Health Services, Regulations & Coordination, Mr Ayub Sheikh. Health & Population Think Tank is established and notified by the MoNHSR&C as an independent entity to function as an advisory arm of the Health Planning, System Strengthening & Information Analysis Unit. In his inaugural address, the Secretary Health said that this Government-linked think tank has been established to create a forum where experts from diverse backgrounds can get together to deliberate on important national health issues, and guide the ministry to decide its course of action. He shared his expectation that the Think Tank will deliver direct policy options through policy briefs to assist the government, both Federal and Provincial level.

DG Health Dr. Assad Hafeez explained the aim and objectives of the Think Tank to the honorable members. He said that the vision of this forum is to foster a multi-sectoral partnership and collaboration, with the intention of reviewing, analyzing, debating, brainstorming, and building healthy public policy. He also alluded to the objectives of this particular meeting which were to be introduced to each other, to listen and deliberate on the prospective role and functions of Think Tank and to identify the priority themes for discussions in the future.

Dr. Babar Shaikh Technical Lead of the Think Tank explained the structure, membership criteria, terms of reference, scope of work of the Think Tank and its envisaged deliverables, mainly policy briefs and guidelines for the operationalization of the National Health Vision 2016-2025, and analyzing evidence for meeting the targets of SDGs, FP2020, and IHR.

Dr. Fazli Hakim Khattak highlighted the need for a structure like Think Tank after the 18th constitutional amendment and emphasized that Think Tank will maintain its linkages with other line ministries and provincial departments to assist them in implementing their health sector strategies in line with the National Vision 2025 of the Government of Pakistan and the National Health Vision 2016-2025.

Members of the Health & Population Think Tank represent in their individual capacity and will bring wealth of experience and wisdom to this forum. All of them thanked the ministry for creating such a platform and appreciated its envisaged scope of work. Members emphasized the involvement of the provinces and prioritizing themes of national importance for deliberations and discussion on this platform.

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